Grape - Vitis

How do I care for my Grapevine?
 Vitis is a climbing plant that can grow to several metres in height. You can shape it in various ways and proper pruning will keep it quite compact. Do be careful when pruning it. When pruning is too harsh or neglected, its production will be limited. You can fertilize this climbing plant in the spring with calcium- or calcium rich artificial fertilizer.

Is the Vitis suitable as a cut flower?
The Vitis is not a good cut flower plant, but you can pick and eat its delicious grapes. Complete cutbacks of its branches will negatively affect its fruit production. 
What is the best location for a Grapevine?
Grapevines grow best in the sun. It also loves warmth, so growing it against a South-facing wall is ideal. The plant grows best in calcareous soil.
Where does the Grapevine come from?
This climbing plant does not originally grow in the Netherlands. It grows best in a sunny climate, so it is common in the Southern regions of Europe. 
When does the Vitis produce its flowers?
The Grapevine initially produces unobtrusive little bunches of flowers that develop into grapes later. Because grapes need plenty of sin to ripen, it is best to remove some of its larger leaves in August.
Can I prune my Grapevine?
For optimal fruit yields, it is best to prune a Grapevine back to three buds above the ground during its dormant period (mid November to mid January). If you do this between mid January and April, you can cause damage to this plant because its circulation is starting during this time. It is also important to avoid pruning during periods of frost, but to do it in sunny and dry weather. It is also important to pinch/remove the buds from the vine in May and also to remove its dead berries and tops.
  • Winter hardiness:

  • Soil types:

  • Moisture levels:

  • Location:

  • Height:
    3 metres

  • Evergreen or deciduous:

  • Pruning:
    When dormant

  • Fertilizing:
    In the spring, use calcium-/potassium rich artificial fertilizer.

  • Flower:
    Small bunches of unobtrusive flowers

  • Fruit:

  • Flowering period:

  • Harvest:

  • Trivia:
    Birds also love grapes. Beat them to it or cover the vine with nets for instance.

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