Elegant plumes of our Elegrass range swaying in the wind.

There’s nothing more relaxed than the range of Elegrass. We offer you the best range of ornamental grasses, bamboo and ferns.

Our Elegrass team is very passionate about bamboo, grasses and ferns. Now more and more gardeners all over the world are falling in love with these plants. This is for a reason. They are easy to maintain and perform well in open soil and pots, in the shade and in direct sunlight. The best thing is that these plants stay beautiful from spring right until late autumn.



Ornamental grasses are very trendy, decorative and fit in any type of garden. Nowadays there are more and more different varieties of grasses.There are evergreen varieties such as Carex en Festuca, but also varieties that will flower abundantly in summer and autumn such as Pennisetum, Miscanthus and Cortaderia.

These varieties are like perennials and will die above ground in winter, but the elegant brown silhouette will still be there. In early spring it’s best to prune this varieties just above the ground. After this your grass will start growing again. Even prettier than the year before!


Every garden has some space for a fern. This is because ferns thrive best in an area with a lot of shade. While most plants do not like these spots. Besides this advantage ferns also give your garden a natural touch and they are available in lots of different varieties.

Earlier ferns were often used inrustic and oriental gardens. Now they are increasingly used in trendy contemporary gardens. Ferns also look very well in an ornamental pot or terracotta jug! There are evergreen and perennial like ferns. Through the product page on our website you can find a fern that will suit your needs best.


Bamboos are available in lots of different varieties and sizes. There are compact varieties, but also varieties that can grow up to four or five meter. Nowadays there are also a lot of non-rampant bamboos like the Fargesia. This makes the Fargesia very suitable as a hedge plant, or as a solitary plant in an ornamental pot.

The compact bamboo varieties on the other hand are perfect as groundcover plants. A bamboo will give your garden instantly an oriental touch or that beachy Ibiza vibe. Also a big plus is that all bamboo will stay green in winter!

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