Your front yard is your business card!


Front yards come in different shapes and sizes. When styling your front garden, it is important that you consider carefully what the characteristics are the garden should meet. For example, have you already chosen a garden style for your backyard and do you want to make it stand out in the front garden? The front yard is a preview for the rest, so use it as a business card!


One of the most important features that you should pay attention to when laying out the front garden garden is the structure. Think in advance about how you are going to structure your front garden. Which elements do you want to put in your front garden? Is there room for a parking space? Do you want to hide the waste bins there? Make a list and consider how important these elements are to you. A parking space must be easily accessible from the street. We can imagine that you don’t want to place the bins in the center of your garden. Nevertheless, the waste bins must have a well considered spot to easily drive them to the street side.


You will be surprised about all the rules that are attached to the construction of your front garden. Think of a parking space, extension or even the height of the fence or hedge. Therefore, always inquire in advance with the municipality whether your plans can actually be implemented and, if necessary, apply for a permit. A good start is half the work! Of course you don’t want your new front yard to be demolished because you forgot to read the fine print.

Overview and privacy

Do you have large windows at the front of your house? Nice, this way you keep an overview of your front garden. Do you not like this overview and do you want more privacy? Your front yard can help with that. For example, line your path to the entrance of your house along your windows. By making the path to your house with one or more bends, you can fill the edges of the path with plant borders. Do you want a modern front yard? Use raised plant borders or large planters with different types of plants in them. Combine flowering plants with evergreens for a well-maintained garden all year round.

The street

Your front garden is of course your own place. Then divide it according to your own wishes. However, we recommend that you scan the environment before you get started. By creating more cohesion with the environment, your front garden will also get more flair.


Front yards are often made in symmetrical shapes. They are generally smaller than the main yard. The symmetrical design creates a calm appearance. For example, use the same color plants on both sides of the entrance.


We understand that your front garden is your business card. Whatever garden style you like, strive for a green front garden. The possibilities are endless, whether you want to keep an overview or create more privacy, it’s all possible. By using raised beds with plants, you keep nature at the center and screen off the windows. This is of course also possible with a nice tree. Do you want to keep an overview, but do you like large plants? Use large planters. These are easy to move, so you can always keep the sight by moving the plant pots if necessary. To make the choice easier, we have combined a number of products to make the choice for your green front garden a bit easier.

  • Agapanthus ‘Fireworks’ is the world’s first re-blooming, evergreen and two-tone Agapanthus! This sun lover is drought resistant and needs little water maintenance. That is handy, because we can imagine that your garden hose probably cannot go around your house. If you forget to water your front garden, this will certainly not be a disaster for this African lily.
  • Festuca Glauca ‘Azura Blue’® is a bright silver-blue ornamental grass. This blue fescue is a striking appearance because of the color but also because of the cream-colored plumes that appear in June and July. The Festuca is evergreen, hardy and does not need to be pruned. Combing is enough! Run your hand through the brown and loose blades in the plant a few times to make it look like new.
  • Carex Irish Green is a strong evergreen ornamental grass that does well as a ground cover. The Sedge does well in sun and partial shade and only needs to be cut back in the winter to look as fresh as possible in the spring. Easy-care and endless application possibilities

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