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Color your favorite outdoor space, that's our happiness

Easy; Make gardens less gray by adding tasteful greenery.

Perfect Garden has been the place where the ‘greening’ of every living environment is possible for over 30 years. This can be a green garden, terrace but also a balcony of any size. We inspire but are also glad to give you advice. Our brand stands for simple green for everyone. We love green, you too?

The most beautiful plants

Quality we stand for!

We understand that you only want the best in your garden. Sometimes the best for you can be different than for someone else. With our specialists and breeders, we have put together a wide range that can make any living environment green. Every day we look critically at our range so that you can enjoy the most beautiful plants for the longest. We are more than happy to share our passion and experience about plants with you.

We love nature

Flowers and the bees are always welcome.

We love nature, and we don’t just mean our plants. Butterflies and bees are very important and complete your greenery. When putting together our range, we pay extra attention to whether the plant attracts them. Not in the mood for flying friends? We also have plants that do not attract them, for those who prefer a quiet garden.

Color in your outdoor environment all year round

The gray months are also getting color!

We are happy to help you with a colorful and green outdoor space all year round. Not every plant likes sun and heat. With our range you can enjoy beautiful visual plants all year round. This way your outdoor enivronment keeps on shining during every season of the year.

Our specialists

Smart people who have a passion with greenery.

We are proud of our team! Together we work hard every day to help you with your green outdoor place. Everyone has their own expertise which they use to make our common mission succesful. We have already gone through some kilometers of experience, which you no longer need to do.

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