Ibiza garden – a year-round holiday in your own garden!


Let’s be honest, who doesn’t want a holiday all year round? With an Ibiza-style garden, you will feel as if you have landed on the Spanish island every day. The sunny island is a great source of inspiration for gardens and interiors. Creating the bohemian and Mediterranean style in the Netherlands can be a challenge. How do you bring the Ibiza feeling to your garden? We explain it here.

Sun, sea and beach

Unfortunately, you cannot ensure that you will have sunshine whenever you want, so it is important to consider the position of the sun when planning your layout. See how the sun shines into your garden at different times of day. By arranging large elements in your garden according to the sun, you can manipulate the fall of shade. This way you keep as much sunlight as possible in your outdoor area. In an Ibiza garden it is also ideal to create a roof for a nice shady spot. You can do this by hanging a shade cloth or making a pergola. These can then be planted or covered with bamboo or reeds.

Colours and Materials

The classic Ibiza garden has a clean, modern and chic look. To ensure a good style, choose neutral colours like white, grey and a colour accent like bright blue or lavender. Old wood, reed and bamboo are also welcome! These are the best materials for creating the Ibiza atmosphere because they look robust and natural. You can let your creativity run wild in an Ibiza garden. For example, use one or more outdoor rugs on the wall or on the floor. The garden decoration is a big part of the Ibiza garden. Lanterns on the ground or on the wall are often used to create a sultry effect during summer evenings. A large wooden dining table and a lounge area with large seat cushions and colourful decorative cushions. Rattan and wicker furniture and accessories are also common in Ibiza. These give the garden a tropical and exotic atmosphere.


Of course, no garden should be without this. You can combine all kinds of plants with each other. Plants in large pots, a border full of plants or plants in hanging baskets. Spread the plants throughout the garden. The Ibiza garden is known for its Mediterranean plants such as palm trees, cacti and an olive tree. Many other types of plants also fit into the Ibiza garden! Climbing plants such as Trachelospermum (Tuscan jasmine), which can be planted against a wall but also against a large tree or can climb over your pergola. Many different grasses can also be found in the Ibiza garden such as: Carex (sedge), Festuca (blue fescue grass), Calamagrostis (reed grass), Phormium (New Zealand flax) and Miscanthus (maiden gras).

To make it easier to choose from our range, we have already listed a number of plants that will fit in perfectly with the atmosphere of the Ibiza garden and together will make your garden a beautiful whole. These plants give a Mediterranean atmosphere but are also hardy. They are also all attractive to bees, butterflies and birds, so good for biodiversity in your garden.


  • Trachelospermum ‘Star of Ibiza’ a climbing plant with soft pink, star-shaped flowers. Place the climber in the sun or semi-shade, because that is where the ‘Star of Ibiza’ is happiest.
  • Agapanthus ‘Charlotte’ is a compact, leafy plant with violet-blue flowers on sturdy flower stalks. The Agapanthus is also called the African lily and contains a lot of nectar in its flower. This attracts many bees, butterflies and even birds.
  • Dianella revoluta ‘Coolvista’ ® an ornamental grass with blue-grey leaves. This is a real terrace plant that worships the sun. Even in the summer sun the Coolvista will need little water, making it a low-maintenance grass.
  • Phormium ‘Pink Flamingo’ is a grass with arch shaped sword-like leaves in a green-pink colour. In the adult plants, tubular yellow-green flower spikes will appear in the summer.
  • Pennisetum alopecuroides ‘Hameln’ is an ornamental grass with upright growth, narrow leaves and creamy white flower spikes. The lampshade grass is hardy and does not mind drought in summer.
  • Carex hachijoensis ‘Evergold’is a yellow-coloured ornamental grass that retains its leaves even in winter. Evergold’ likes the sun and semi-shade and blooms cheerfully from February to May. The variegated colour of the ornamental grass fits in perfectly with the Ibiza atmosphere; we call this variety almost indispensable in the Ibiza Garden.

Tree tip: Punica granatum, a pomegranate tree that grows from a shrub into a small tree with a round crown.

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