Good Roots


Good Roots, are trees of the highest quality. Cultivated with love in Boskoop and its surroundings, in soil with a rich history. From tip to root, from stem to leaf; Good Roots come straight from the green heart. Beautiful in the garden or as a piece of nature in the city. Every tree has a special story and Boskoop is in its DNA.

Many hundreds of years ago, people realised that the soil under Boskoop was extremely suitable for tree cultivation. At first, this mainly involved the cultivation of fruit trees. Because of this, several types of fruit have been named after the municipality: the “beauty of Boskoop” (also known as the ‘goudreinette’), but also a grape variety, the “glory of Boskoop”. From the 15th century onwards, more trees were produced instead of fruit and other ornamental plants were introduced. In the beginning many Azaleas, Rhododendrons and Roses, but nowadays the range is much wider.

KVBC inspection

Dozens of new varieties of garden plants are grown every year. To determine whether this is an improvement and which selection is the most beautiful and best for the garden, the KVBC carries out inspections. The members of the KVBC include growers, trading companies, horticulturalists and large-scale greenery suppliers and enthusiasts. The KVBC advises its members and consumers in making choices in the assortment and garden by:

– Inspections of ornamental plants
– Publications about inspected crops in Arbor Vitae and Dendroflora
– Dutch Plant Collections
– Various meetings and events

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