Climbers fit in EVERY garden

UP!Climbers climbing plants also fit into small gardens, often you only have to remove a few stones and the plant quickly grows upwards. Whether you want to add colour to a bare spot or hide an ugly wall or rain pipe, climbers are always a good choice! UP!Climbers climbers bloom in the summer or stay green all winter long. The great advantage of UP! climbers is that they are versatile and take up very little space. Even though they can easily grow several metres high. They create a sense of perspective in the garden, but also on the terrace or balcony. There are many different types in the range, so there’s a plant to fit every type of garden.


Choose a place where the climbing plant can lean and grow upwards, e.g. on a pergola, framework or screen wall.

Depending on which climbing plant you have bought, it can stand more or less well in full sun. A semi-shady spot is always a good choice for all UP!Climbers varieties!

Water your climber regularly for the first four weeks after planting: this will allow the roots to grow well and the plant will soon be able to take care of itself. If you want to keep the climbing plant in a large pot, it is important to water regularly, as in this case the roots do not reach the water in the soil.

Provide slow-release fertiliser during the growing season from March to May to ensure that the plant can grow well during the gardening season.  Do not apply extra fertiliser during the flowering period.

Pruning depends on the variety you have in the garden. In general, flowering climbers should be pruned after flowering, and evergreen varieties are best pruned in May when the sun is not yet too strong.

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    One, two
    up Climbers

    Turn your wall or fence into a colorful work of art


    You have probably noticed, overgrown shelter or wall full of beautiful flowers. This is also achievable for you! So don’t be put off with the assumptions that it will cost a lot of money or time. The vertically growing greenery is within your reach, even if you only have a balcony!

    What do I need?

    It doesn’t take much to create a flourishing wall or fence. You probably already have most of this stuff in your house or shed!

    • A bag of soil. Note, you don’t need more than a few scoops.
    • Scoop
    • Plant food. A handful of Pokon plant food is enough!
    • The do-it-yourself climbing support from UP!Climbers

    Your climber knows how to find its way naturally. If you lend a hand with guiding the plants in growing up, your plant will certainly appreciate this. By guiding your climber you can control the growth yourself, which means that maintenance takes even less time. To make guiding our climbers easier, we have developed a do-it-yourself climbing support. You can use this climbing support with all UP!Climbers within the perfect garden range. You can see how you can easily install this in the following steps:

    1. The climbing support is supplied with screws, nails and coupling pieces. Very handy!
    2. Take the clear connectors and place them on the rack of the climber you just placed.
    3. Slide the climbing support into the coupling pieces.
    4. Take the screws and nails from your package. We add both so that you can choose what to attach your rack with.
    5. Nail or screw through the rack to get it straight and tight against your wall or fence.
    6. Add the Pokon plant food according to the manual and give your newly planted climbers something to drink. The food ensures that the climbing plants will grow well. This also makes your plants strong and healthy.

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