you buy one, We plant one more!
you buy one, We plant one more!



CO2 emissions compensated


did you know?

Absorbs the most CO2 among all plants
Grows naturally - no artificial watering required
Keeps the soil fertile, prevents erosion and desertification
It is the fastest growing plant on Earth

We plant one!

For each bamboo plant you buy, we plant one bamboo in our bamboo forest in Portugal. Together we contribute to a healthier planet.
low maintenance
Bamboo plants do not require fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides.
renewable source
Bamboo is one of the fastest growing renewable resources.
bamboo is better for the air
Bamboo produces more oxygen and absorbs more carbon dioxide than trees!
extremely useful
Bamboo replaces carbon-intensive materials. Bamboo plants can be used for making paper, flooring, charcoal, building materials etc.

bamboo in the fight against climate change!

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