Hello, Helleborus ® for a heart-warming greeting in the winter months.

Hello, Helleborus. Its unusual flowering period makes this plant seem like a ray of sunshine in the dead of winter. It’s no coincidence that Hellebores are becoming more popular each year.


Flowers in the winter

The Hello, Helleborus range is an affordable collection and “Christmas Carol” is its most popular product. This Hellebore produces pure white flowers from October to December and gives the winter months some much needed colour. Our range also includes varieties with flowers that greet February. Because of it’s remarkable period of flowering the Hellebore is often called Christmas Rose.

Green in the winter

The Hellebores, or Christmas Rose, is origination from the mountains in the eastern Alps and belongs to the group of perennials. This is noteworthy, because the Hellebore is an evergreen plant in contrast to most of the perennials. The older foliage is easy to prune and already after a year the Hellebore reaches its maximum height of about 50 cm. Special fact about this Christmas Rose is that this hardy and evergreen plant flowers year after year from November to February.

Next to the Christmas tree

Tip: did you know that you can temporarily place a Hellebore inside? Nice next to the Christmas tree. Hello, Helleborus!

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