Plum tree - Prunus

Where does the Plum tree come from?
Plums belong to the stone fruits family. Other stone fruit varieties include cherries, peaches, apricots and nectarines. Most plum varieties need Ribes pollination, but there are also varieties that are self-pollinating, such as the ’Opal’ and ’Victoria’. The first plums can be picked from early July. Plum trees usually need little care and are easy to grow.

When does this plant flower?
Plum trees bloom in April, producing a blanket of white blossom. Shortly after this is, it will produce its first fruits. 
When can I pick the plums?
Plum trees easily produce fruit, even if you do not have green fingers. The earlier varieties ripen around mid-July. Most plum varieties need to have their fruit picked multiple times. By not leaving the fruit in the tree for too long, you can limit bird and insect damage. Ripe fruits are soft, juicy and sweet tasting. Please note; fruits that are picked early will not become any sweeter.
How do I care for my Prunus?
Immediately after you have picked the fruit, remove any of its broken-off branches. Also cut off any too high or too low hanging fruiting wood. August and September are excellent times for pruning.
How can I best prune my Plum tree?
To control its growth, it is best to prune your Plum tree after harvesting its fruit. Remove all of its diseased, dead or unwanted branches in the winter. Do not leave any stumps, but saw back to a smooth surface. All main branches or ’skeleton’ can be cut back by one third. Repeat pruning in the summer, pruning back annual shoots by five buds. Slow down growth even more by bending the branches to horizontal growth with string. Do not allow them to droop as this will stop them from producing fruit. Choose a warm day for this bending step or you may break the branches. 

What is the best location for a Plum tree?
Place the Prunus in the sun for sweeter plums. Why do fruits become sweeter in the sun? Sunnier locations increase sugar content in fruit. Also tolerates shade. Should not be planted in too damp soils, this inhibits its growth. It can be planted in any other soil type. A too calcareous soil can cause chlorosis or leaf discolouration.

Is the Plum tree suitable as cut flower?
No this plant is not a good cut flower plant but it has edible fruit.

  • Winter hardiness:
    -15 degrees

  • Soil types:
    All soil types

  • Moisture levels:
    Preference soil that is not too damp

  • Location:
    Full sun

  • Height:
    Depending on its trunk. 200-400 centimeters

  • Evergreen or deciduous:

  • Pruning:
    August en September

  • Fertilizing:
    Fruit fertilizer granules

  • Flower:
    White blossom

  • Flowering period:

  • Trivia:
    Plum trees do not need much pruning. In comparison with apples and pears, plum trees do well with much less pruning! It is better to cut back one large branch than many small ones.

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