Passionfruit - Passiflora Edulis

How do I care for my Passionfruit plant?
Passionfruit is delicious, so it is worth looking after your climbing plant carefully to ensure that you get as much fruit as possible. This climbing plant does best when it grows on a trellis or fence. To make sure that you can optimize its growth and fruit production, young plants needs some extra care. They need a good balance: not too much fertilizing and not too much water.

What is the best Location for a Passionfruit vine?
Passionfruit vines love sun, warmth and moisture. They grow well in neutral potting soil or sandy soil; clay is not recommended. Well-draining soil is important to prevent this plant from getting to wet.
Is the Passiflora suitable as cut flower?
It is best not to use it as cut flower. To be able to enjoy its flowers for much longer, it is best if you leave them on the vine.
Where does the Passiflora come from?
Passiflora originally comes from Brazil and Peru. Because the Passiflora is a tropical plant, it needs to be protected during our winters, and it is best to bring it inside during that time. 
When does a Passiflora flower?
In around June it will start producing its large tropical flowers. These last for quite a long time: from June to October.
Can I prune my Passiflora?
Generally there is no need to prune this climbing plant. You can trim it into shape between March and April. Pruning back to 1 metre above the ground can be done, depending on the number of branches that it has. 
  • Winter hardiness:
    Moderate,  place indoors during frosts

  • Soil types:
    Neutral, well-draining potting soil

  • Moisture levels:
    Normal, not too wet. Give extra water in dry periods

  • Location:

  • Height:
    To 2 metres

  • Evergreen or deciduous:

  • Pruning:
    Maintenance prune between March and April

  • Fertilizing:
    Apply organic fertilizer

  • Flower:
    Large, tropical passionflowers

  • Flowering period:

  • Harvest:
    In October for outside plants (in glasshouse, end September)

  • Trivia:
    Do not pick/harvest passionfruit too early as they can still taste sour at this stage.

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