Ornamental Banana - Musa Basjoo

How do I care for my Ornamental Banana?
Even though this Ornamental Banana is the most winter hardy variety, it is recommended that it is placed inside during the winter. Therefore it is best to put it into a pot, or to dig it out/insulate it in the winter. You should give it lots of extra water in the summer. It is best to keep it dryer in cold periods. Regularly give the Musa Basjoo extra organic fertilizer between April and June.

Where does the Musa Basjoo come from?
The Ornamental Banana comes from China where this plant is still commonly cultivated for its strong fibres.
What is the best location for the Musa Basjoo?
The name already alludes to it: the Ornamental Banana loves sun and will grow very fast in a sunny location. Nutrient rich soil is important to this plant, so sandy soil is not recommended. It is also best to give it a sheltered spot, out of the wind. This will prevent the beautiful large leaves from splitting.

Can I prune this plant?
Trimming back the old leaves is recommended, but further pruning is not needed. The old shoots will die off naturally. 

Is the Ornamental Banana suitable as cut flower?
No, the leaves/ornamental fruits of the Ornamental Banana do not do well when cut from the plant. They are also very large so would not look very nice in a vase.
How does the Ornamental Banana flower?
The Ornamental Banana will flower after about 3 years and only if it has been kept completely frost free. After it grows it large leaves, smaller leaves will appear. Its large purple stony flowers produce inedible bananas. These are small and green. After its ornamental bananas have grown, its stem dies off, but new shoots will appear. 
  • Winter hardiness:

  • Soil type:
    Nutrient rich

  • Moisture levels:

  • Location:

  • Height:
    To 3 metres (leaves to 150 cm)

  • Evergreen or deciduous:
    Evergreen when protected

  • Pruning:
    Remove old leaves

  • Fertilizing:
    Apply organic fertilizer between April and June

  • Flower: 
    Stony purple flower

  • Flowering period:
    June – August

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