Gooseberry - Ribes

How do I care for my Gooseberry?
The Gooseberry is not very fussy about its soil or location. It is best to plant it in slightly damp, slightly acidic soil. To enrich the soil, add compost every year. Make sure that it does not get too wet during cold spells.

What is the best location for a Gooseberry?
Gooseberries are very much suited to small gardens because they can produce lots of fruit in a limited space. Fruit yields depend on the amount of sun exposure it gets, so it is best to locate it in a sunny to semi-shaded spot.

Can I prune this Ribes?
You can prune the Gooseberry-shrub right after its fruit harvest, but it is better to do this in February or March, before the plant starts spreading again. Make sure you prune to create a vertical growth in the plant, with between 5 and 8 main branches. This will enhance the size of the Gooseberries.

Is the Gooseberry suitable as cut flower?
This Ribes is not suited for use as cut flower but you can pick and eat its delicious fruits. Completely cutting back its branches will negatively affect its fruit production.

Where does this Ribes variety come from?
This shrub grows naturally in the Netherlands, often underneath other shrubs and in open spaces in the woods. It grows in many more regions, mostly in North Africa, Europe and Central and South America.
When does the Gooseberry-shrub flower?
Before it produces its berries, this plant has green, not very ornate flowers. The Ribes Captivator is also known as thorn less Gooseberry. This makes it much more attractive. Gooseberries produce good yields of fruit all year round and are great for making juices or jams.
  • Winter hardiness:

  • Soil type:
    Moderately rich in nutrients, e.g. calcium

  • Moisture levels:
    Dry to slightly damp

  • Location:

  • Height:
    To 80 cm

  • Evergreen or deciduous:

  • Pruning:
    Straight after flowering

  • Fertilizing:
    Annually add compost in the spring

  • Flower:
    Greenish flowers

  • Fruit:

  • Flowering period:

  • Harvest:
    Around July

  • Trivia:
    Birds also love the berries. beat them to it or use a net to cover the shrub for instance.

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