Goji Berry - Lycium The ultimate vitamin bomb!

Where does the Goji berry come from?
Originally from China, Goji berries are extremely nutritious and have been used medicinally for years, but they are also very useful in everyday kitchens. These fruits contain a many healthy vitamins and thus belong to the Super Fruits. They are also delicious when dried.
Its nutrients include amino acids, carotene, ratine and polysaccharides that are said to have properties related to anti-ageing, and counteract loss of vision, airway problems and dizziness. The Chinese claim that regular consumption of Goji berries will keep your body young.

What is the best location for the Goji berry?
To stimulate maximum fruit yields, we recommend putting the Instant Success plant in sun/semi-shade.
How do I care for my Goji berry plant?
The Goji berry plant produces berries on old wood as well as on its new growth straight after pruning. Because of its healthier and more compact growth compared with other Goji berries, the Instant Succes variety will grow 30-50% less tall than original varieties. You can prune this plant whenever you wish. Without pruning it can grow as tall as 300 cm. Guaranteed success!
When can the Goji berries be picked?
Around the end of August the first of its fruits will be ready to be picked. This will be the case for about 2 to 3 weeks. The oblong berries of about 2 cm are bright orange in colour. The refreshing berries are similar in flavour to a ripe tomato and are widely used in salads. They become sweeter and taste even better when dried. 
It is guaranteed to bear fruit as early as in the year after it was planted.

How can I best prune my Goji berry plant?
The Goji can generally be pruned to its desired height at any time. Harvest time can be postponed by pruning it back later in the season, for example in May.

Is the Goji berry suitable as cut flower?
The Goji berry is a beautiful and attractive ornamental shrub that produces fruit of a bright orange colour like nothing you have ever had in your garden before, from the end of August. The Lycium is an outdoor plant, but its branches can also be used as decoration indoors. 
  • Winter hardiness:
    -20 degrees

  • Soil type:
    All soil types except sand

  • Moisture levels:
    Keep slightly moist

  • Locations:

  • Height:
    100-300 centimetres, grows reasonable quickly

  • Evergreen or deciduous:

  • Pruning:
    Any time

  • Flower:
    One year old wood produces purple flowers in late spring

  • Flowering period:

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