Blackberry - Rubus

How do I care for my Rubus bush?
Rubus shrubs can grow in various soil types. Correct pruning can optimise berry production. Older shrubs are relatively winter tolerant, but young branches are susceptible to frost damage. It is best to protect the plant during the winter. If your soil is naturally low in acid, you can add organic fertilizer.

What is the best location for this Rubus?
Its compact shape also makes this Rubus suitable as a hedging plant. Rubus grow in any soil type but prefer it to be slightly acidic. It is best to grow it in a sunny spot; sun ripened berries taste best.

Is the Rubus suitable as a cut flower?
Rubus plants are not suitable cut flower plants. You can pick and eat the delicious berries. Complete back pruning of its branches will negatively affect berry yields. 

Where does the Rubus come from?
Rubus grows all over Europa, so it is also native to the Netherlands. It is most common on the edges of woods. 

When does the shrub produce its berries?
This shrub flowers in July and August by producing white/pink flowers; its dark blue berries appear in August and September. This is a unique shrub because it is thorn less and will already produce berries when on one year old wood.

Can I prune my Rubus bush?
You can prune your Rubus by 30/40 cm in both the spring as well in autumn. A Rubus that is correctly pruned and thinned out usually produces larger and sweeter berries that also ripen more quickly. By pruning in spring you will ensure that the older branches can provide protection for the younger ones. 

  • Winter hardiness:

  • Soil type:
    Humus rich, acidic

  • Moisture levels:
    Neutral to damp

  • Location:

  • Height:
    To 150 centimetre

  • Evergreen or deciduous:

  • Pruning:
    In the spring, to 30/40 cm

  • Fertilizing:
    Organic fertilizer in the spring

  • Flower:
    White/pink flowers

  • Flowering period:

  • Fruit:
    Large dark blue/red blue berries

  • Flowering period:

  • Harvest:

  • Trivia:
    Birds also love the berries. Beat them to it or use a net to cover the shrub for instance.

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