5-flavour berry - Schisandra

How do I care for my Schisandra?
The Schisandra is an easy-care climbing plant. To get it to grow well, it is best to support/train it. It is important to water it regularly during dry periods. You can improve the soil with cow manure granules or compost.

What is the best location for a 5-flavours berry plant?
A 5-flavours berry plant grows best in well-draining nutrient rich soil. It grows best against a wall, but also on a pergola. A sheltered location is a good idea. 

Where does the Schisandra come from?
The Schisandra originally came from Northern China. The berries produced by this plant made a significant contribution to Chinese medicine and even make up 50 basic ingredients of this branch of medicine. They boost energy levels and reduce stress. 
How do the berries get their name?
The berry is called 5-flavours or pepper berry because of its sweet/sour taste and its salty, bitter and sharp seed. These berries are very good for you and often called a ‘Super Fruit’.
When does the Schisandra flower?
This climbing plant has beautiful and fragrant bell-shaped flowers in June and July. Then its large bunches of red berries also provide a beautiful display. These appear in August and October; they grow on its one-year-old wood.
Can I prune this climbing plant?
The plant’s unruly growth makes it a good idea to thin out and cut back its runners in the winter. In the summer you can give it a light trim to keep the plant compact. Do this after harvesting its fruit, up to about 20 cm.
  • Winter hardiness:

  • Soil type:
    Well-draining nutrient rich soil

  • Moisture levels:

  • Location:

  • Height:
    To 250 cm

  • Evergreen or deciduous:

  • Pruning:
    Maintenance prune in autumn and spring

  • Fertilizing:
    Compost and cow manure granules

  • Flower:
    White/pale pink

  • Flowering period:
    June – July

  • Trivia:
    Birds also love pepper berries so beat them to it and protect the plant by covering it with a net for example.

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