Sweet Rush - Acorus

How do I care for my Sweet Rush?
Sweet Rush (Acorus) is very easy-care. This riverside/swamp plant loves wet soils and sun. Pruning is not required!

What is the best location for Sweet Rush?
It is best to plant this Rush grass near water. Sweet Rush has a positive effect on water quality. For this reason you can also use it to naturally purify your pond water. It grows best in the sun, but also grows well in locations with less light.
When does Sweet Rush flower?
Sweet Rush flowers in a unique way. Floral buds consist of small, spiky flowers that seem to grow directly from the stem. These blooms are visible in June and July.
Where does Sweet Rush come from?
Sweet Rush grows in many regions of the world. Originally this water’s edge plant is from Southeast Asia, but since the sixteenth century it also naturally grows in the Netherlands. You can find it mostly along waterways and lakes. Some varieties also grow in underwater soil. In ancient medicine it was used to improve digestion for instance. These days, Sweet Rush no longer plays a role in medical practice.
Can I prune Acorus?
There is no need for pruning the Sweet Rush. To maintain the plant’s fresh looks it is best to regularly cut away its brown leaves. It is not a fast grower or invasive plant and is easy to control.
  • Winter hardiness:

  • Soil type:
    Slightly acid

  • Moisture levels:
    Pond/wet water’s edge

  • Location:

  • Height:
    to 80 cm

  • Evergreen or deciduous: 

  • Purning:
    Remove its brown leaves

  • Fertilizing:
    Not usually required. Substrates in ponds ’force’ Sweet Rush to purify the water.

  • Flower:
    10 cm long green-yellow blooms of multiple small flowers.

  • Flowering period:
    June – July

  • Trivia:
    Do not plant it too deeply into the soil as this can cause root rot.

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