Lily truf - Liriope

How do I care for my Lily turf?
Liriope is a wintergreen plant met grass-like leaves. Officially it is not an ornamental grass, but part of the lily family. It is easy to look after. There is no need to prune it. It does need extra watering in dry periods and it needs enough humus in its soil. It needs to be protected during the winter, by adding compost around its roots for example.

What is the best location for this ornamental grass?
Lily turf grows well in shade and in the sun and grows best in a spot with varied shade because the Liriope originally comes from forest settings, so avoid planting it in a sunny location. It is best to plant Liriope in humus rich, slightly acid soil.

Is Lily turf suitable as cut flower?
You can use Liriope as cut flower. Its purple bunches of flowers are a lovely addition to floral arrangements. Its grass-like leaves can also be displayed in a vase.

Where does Liriope come from?
This plant originally comes from East Asia: Korea, Japan and China. It played an important role in Chinese traditional medicine, where its roots were used to treat coughs and thrombosis for example.
When does the Liriope flower?
Lily turf produces purple bunches of flowers from September to October. This makes it look very much like a blue grape variety.
Can I prune my Lily turf?
This ornamental grass does not need any pruning. It is recommended to remove its dead leaves from time to time so that the plant can maintain a fresh look.
  • Winter hardiness:
    Moderate, roots need to be protected from frost.

  • Soil type:
    Slightly acid, humus rich

  • Moisture levels:

  • Standplaats:

  • Height:
    To 30 cm

  • Evergreen or deciduous:

  • Pruning:

  • Fertilizing:
    Extra humus annually, compost in autumn optionally

  • Flower:
    Light purple

  • Flowering period:
    August – October

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