Ferns - Dryopteris & Polystichum

How do I care for my Ferns?
It is important to protect ferns from the sun. It is also important to avoid giving these plants too much water.
What is the best location for ferns?
Ferns do well in the shade. This makes them suited to every garden. They are most suitable as border plants. Would you prefer to put your fern in a sunnier spot? Make sure that it gets enough moisture. Ferns grow best in humus rich, well-draining soil.
Can I prune my Fern?
In the early spring, you can cut away the older leaves down to just above the ground. The fern will develop new bright green runners in the spring. To keep the plant visually appealing, you can cut away its unattractive leaves in the early spring and autumn. 

Where do Ferns come from?
Ferns are very old plants that are very common in tropical rain forests. They grow best in these humid environments. There are many different varieties of ferns. The Dryopteris is mostly found in Northern regions of East Asia. The Phollystichum also commonly grows in cold and moderate regions of the Northern hemisphere.

Is the fern suitable for floral arrangements?
Definitely! You can use the leaves as filling in bouquets. Some ferns have beautiful feathery leaves that do well in a vase.
Do Ferns get flowers?
No these plants do not produce flowers. Ferns are beautiful all year round: even in the winter these plants will retain their green colour. They therefore make a beautiful neutral groundcover.
  • Winter hardiness:

  • Soil type:
    Humus rich and well-draining

  • Moisture levels:

  • Location:

  • Height:
    To 1 metre

  • Evergreen or deciduous:

  • Pruning:
    Cut back in early spring

  • Fertilizing: 
    Extra compost when planting, in spring and autumn

  • Trivia:
    Would you like to plant your fern in a sunny spot? If so, make sure that it gets plenty of water!

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