Winter Jasmine - Jasminum Nudiflorum

This Jasmine is a unique climbing plant because of its winter flowering period. In January and February it produces a multitude of small yellow flowers on branches that are still bare. This produces a most cheerful sight while nothing else in the garden has really started flowering yet. Jasmin is not a clinging climber with tendrils or clinging roots. This plant belongs to ’ leader plants ’ and is therefore happy to be guided or led into the desired direction. This does mean that you need to regularly re-tether the Jasmine plant along its trellis or fence.
How many should I plant per metre of trellis fence or wall?
We advise planting one to three Jasmines per metre of trellis. The more you plant, the faster the desired surface cover is achieved. 

How should I prune my Jasmine?
It is best to start pruning after a few years have passed. The ideal time to prune is in March when you can completely cut away its dead and damaged branches. Then you can shape it by cutting its branches that are no longer flowering. You can also rejuvenate your plant by completely removing some of its main branches. This gives Jasmine plants a fresh new start.

How do I care for my Jasmine?
The Jasmine is an easy-care plant and is not too particular about its soil of location. However it is important to regularly prune it and to trail it to where you want it to climb to determine the final shape of your plant. If Winter Jasmine is not pruned and guided, its branches will droop and the plant will not be able to come into its own. You can also choose to let Jasmine grow as a shrub.
  • Winter hardiness:

  • Soil type:
    Mostly all soil types

  • Moisture levels:

  • Location::
    Shade/semi-shade/Full sun 

  • Height:
    To ten metres, depending on pruning

  • Evergreen or deciduous:

  • Pruning:
    Vigorous pruning to keep it compact

  • Fertilizing:
    NPK in the spring

  • Flower:
    Green-yellow, inconspicuous flower bunches

  • Flower period:

  • Trivia:
    Did you know that you can also use the Winter Jasmine as a cut flower in a vase with water? Just cut the brenches before they start flowering.

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