Virginia creeper - Parthenocissus

The Virginia creeper or Parthenocissus is a much loved climbing plant. The plant owes this to its particular large and beautiful leaves that turn a beautiful fire red colour in the autumn. Its rapid growth and the low demands regarding location also contribute to its popularity. This climbing plant is often used to give walls and large surfaces a natural appearance.
How many should I plant per metre of trellis fence or wall?
Because the Virginia creeper is such a fast grower, it is often enough to plant one to two plants per metre of trellis.

Does my Parthenocissus need to be tied when climbing?
The Parthenocissus belongs to the self-clinging climbing plants. This means that they climb along a wall or fence with little clinging roots that arise from its branches, just like Ivy and Climbing Hydrangea. You can guide these climbing plants initially, but then they can continue climbing upwards independently. If you do not do this, your Parthenocissus can penetrate too much of your garden instead of climbing. Do not worry about its roots penetrating too deeply into your wall. This is a myth. These climbing plants will help to insulate your home rather than cause damage to it!

We have the following varieties of Parthenocissus in our assortment:

– Parthenocissus henryana
– Parthenocissus quin. Star Showers
– Parthenocissus tr. Fenway Park
– Parthenocissus tr. Minutifolia
– Parthenocissus quinquefolia
– Parthenocissus quinquefolia var. Engemanii
– Parthenocissus tricuspidata Veitchi Boskoop

How do I care for my Parthenocissus?
The Parthenocissus is not very demanding. Its rapid growth makes highly advisable for the Virginia creeper to get regular pruning, especially in a small garden. When a branch from your Parthenocissus suddenly appears in front of your window or heads in a direction that you do not want, get the pruning shears out straight away. Don’t be afraid to do too much pruning. The Virginia creeper will cope with this very well and grow back quickly.
  • Winter hardiness:

  • Soil type:
    Mostly all soit types

  • Mositure levels:

  • Location:

  • Height:
    To ten metres, depending on pruning

  • Evergreen or deciduous:

  • Pruning:
    Prune thoroughly to keep the plant compact

  • Fertilizing:
    NPK in the spring

  • Flower:
    Green-yellow, unobtrusive flower bunches

  • Flowering period:

  • Trivia:
    Did you know that the Virginia creeper belongs to the Grape (Vitis) family?

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