Trumpet flower - Campsis

A Campsis will immediately give you your garden a Mediterranean feel. Originally the Campsis came from America but this climbing plant is also commonly found in Italy, Spain, Greece and Croatia. It is highly likely that you will have come across it on holidays. Fortunately the Campsis is winter hardy enough for you to be able to bring your holiday feeling into your own backyard. Place the plant in a sunny and somewhat sheltered location. Plenty of sun will keep this ’trumpet climber’ flowering more profusely and for longer periods. The Campsis produces its flowers relatively late in the summer; a time when many plants are already in full bloom. This makes it a nice addition!
How do I care for my Campsis?
The Campsis is not a difficult plant. It is relatively resistant to common plant diseases, is a fast grower and is not very demanding regarding soil and nutrient requirements. Campsis prefers a sunny location, to stimulate blooms. Don’t be afraid to prune Campsis well back when it gets too big. It is a strong and fast growing plant that will not be damaged by this. Older branches may die off in the winter, making early spring the best time for pruning. This will give the plant a nice new start!

How can I best position my Campsis?
The trumpet flower is a beautiful climbing plant to grow over a pergola or along the top of a fence. Place one plant per pergola-pole, or one plant per trellis metre.

Does my Campsis need to be tied up?
The Campsis belongs to the self-clinging climbing plants. This means that they climb along a wall or fence with little clinging roots that arise from its branches, just like Climbing Hydrangea and Ivy. You can guide these climbing plants initially, but then they can continue climbing upwards independently. If you do not do this, your Campsis can penetrate too much of your garden instead of climbing. Do not worry about its roots penetrating too deeply into your wall. This is a myth. These climbing plants will help to insulate your home rather than cause damage to it!

We have the following varieties of Campsis in our assortment: 

– Campsis Radicans (wild Campsis)
– Campsis Flava
– Campsis Madame Galen
– Campsis Flamenco
– Campsis Summer Jazz© – Indian Summer© (Our Choice)
– Campsis Summer Jazz© – Fire© (Our Choice)
– Campsis Summer Jazz© – Glow© (Our Choice)

  • Winter hardiness:

  • Soil type:

  • Moisture levels:
    Normal, but not too wet

  • Location:
    Full sun 

  • Height:
    To four metres, depending on pruning

  • Evergreen or deciduous:

  • Pruning:
    In early spring – prune right back to keep it compact

  • Fertilizing:
    Annuaally with NPK

  • Flower:
    Prolific blooms with exotic flowers

  • Flower period:
    August – September

  • Trivia:
    Over recent years, more compact Campsis varieties have become available. We sell these as the ’Summer Jazz’ range. Perfect in smaller gardens or in a pot! 

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