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In recent years, we have seen a clear trend within the climbing plants. The consumer is increasingly looking for species that require low maintenance, remain relatively compact and prosperously flourish. Climbers suitable for both large and small gardens, but also doing well in a planter on the terrace for example. Especially for these customers we have assembled a range of climbing plants that meet our strictest requirements. With the climbing plants of Our Choice we promise:

1. Only the healthiest and strongest types in the assortment

2. Easier in maintenance than other types

3. More compact than alternatives
4. For a longer period of time beautiful


Our Choice®

It’s our mission to have the best assortment. To achieve this we travel all over the world to visit trade fairs, growers and breeders. Only the best varieties are accepted in the Our Choice collection.  All the climbers in the Our Choice collection have been thoroughly tested at our test location. We test the Our Choice plants on different criteria; maintenance, compact  grow and visual period.

You could recognize the Our Choice varieties by the white pots, the Our Choice logo on the label and the many beautiful flowers. We are always improving the Our Choice collection, when our team find an better variety it will directly replace the old one. We have the next varieties in the Our Choice collection: Campsis, Lonicera, Clematis, Parthenocissus, Passiflora, Trachelospermum, Hydrangea en Rosa.

Passiflora Silly Cow® en Duuk®

The Passiflora has long been one of the big favourites. Unfortunately, most of these are not very winter hardy. The Passiflora Duuk is the most winter hardy Passiflora we have come across so far. The Silly Cow is also a special variety. This Passionflower has the largest flower that we have ever seen; enough reason for us to add these two Passifloras to our ‘Our Choice’ assortment.

Rosa Our Last Summer®

One of our most recent additions to the ‘Our Choice’ selection is the climbing roses in Our Last Summer ® collection. We have these available in red, yellow and orange. These climbing roses meet all of our requirements and passed our testing with flying colours; they are healthy, bloom for long periods and abundantly, smell beautiful and have nice compact and vertical growing habits. These roses have already been awarded many prizes; they are a beautiful addition to the Our Choice selection range.

Clematis of Raymond Evison®

When we mention Clematis, we are really talking about Raymond Evison. This plant specialist from the English island of Guernsey is known globally by lovers of this beautiful flowering climbing plant. His varieties are the end result of more than fifty years of dedicated plant researching, breeding and crossing. Characteristic of Raymond Evison varieties are their prolonged flowering periods, sometimes as many as two months longer than regular varieties, but also their lovely fresh and compact growth. These varieties are easy to maintain and also grow well in pots. In short, they meet all of our expectations. Therefore we did not need to hesitate long before adding the Evison Clematis to our ‘Our Choice’ range.

Campsis Summer Jazz®

Campsis, also known as trumpet flower, is a much loved climbing plant. It flowers profusely in the summer and early autumn and brings a holiday atmosphere into your garden. The Campsis is commonly found in Mediterranean countries such as Spain and Italy. The Campsis is nevertheless very winter hardy and thus it will also suit our climate. Standard Campsis varieties grow too quickly for most garden lovers. This is why our team was so pleased to discover new varieties in the Summer Jazz series in Israel. Originally these come from Japan and they are beautiful! We cultivate them in three colours; yellow, orange and red. They stay nice and compact, flower profusely and are easy to maintain. They can even make a beautiful shrub in your garden!

Lonicera Imperial® and Celestial®

We found these two varieties at a French plant nursery specializing in Lonicera, also known as Honeysuckle. The Lonicera is a popular climbing plant because of its lovely scented flowers and it is therefore also a favourite of butterflies, bees and even birds. Unfortunately, most standard varieties are prone to mildew; a plant disease that turns the leaves white and eventually makes them fall from the plant. It is not very serious but very unsightly. The Imperial and Celestial are less susceptible to this disease. They are also more compact than standard varieties. This will create a beautiful sea of flowers in your garden from top to bottom. We expect that more Loniceras will follow in this series, but for now these are undoubtedly the best Loniceras to justifiably carry the ‘Our Choice’ label.

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