Ivy - Hedera

The Hedera (Ivy) has been one of the most planted climbing plants for a long time. You can find it anywhere! This is because this plant is very easy to maintain and stays beautifully green in the winter. This makes it excellent so for hiding an ugly wall of shed, as well as for creating a green divider between you and your neighbours. By using a trellis or growing Ivy over your fence, you immediately achieve a more natural atmosphere in your garden.

The most common Ivy varieties are the Helix and Hibernica, with Hibernica being the fastest growing. However, there are many more varieties of various different leaf colours and shapes. In our Perfect Garden-assortment for example, you can also find a yellow variegated, a large-leaved variegated and an Algerian Ivy.

How do I care for my Hedera?
Ivy does not have many demands regarding its Location. It does well in sun, but also in shade. Even soil type doesn’t make much difference. Whether it is in sand, peat or clay, the Hedera will grow beautifully. It is important to give Ivy a thorough pruning every few years. If you don’t do this, loose branches will develop that may extend into undesired locations. Don’t be afraid of pruning it back too much; the Hedera is a strong and fast-growing plant. It will look like a new plant within the same year! Pruning in the spring is best. You can also give it some standard NPK fertilizer at the same time.

Does Ivy need to be attached as it climbs?
The climbing hydrangea belongs to the group of self-clinging climbing plants. This means that they climb along a wall or fence with little clinging roots that arise from its branches, just like Climbing Hydrangea and Campsis. You can guide these climbing plants initially, but then they can continue climbing upwards independently. If you do not do this, your Ivy can penetrate too much of your garden instead of climbing. Do not worry about its roots penetrating too deeply into your wall. This is a myth. These climbing plants will help to insulate your home rather than cause damage to it! 

How much Ivy should I plant per metre of trellis along a fence or wall?
How many plants you use depends entirely on how fast you want to completely cover the wall or fence. We recommend three plants per metre. This usually gives you a beautiful and fully covered fence after two years.
We have the following varieties of Hedera in our assortment:

– Hedera Hibernica
– Hedera Helix
– Hedera alg. Gloire de Marengo
– Hedera colch. Dentata Variegata
– Hedera Goldheart

  • Winter hardiness:

  • Soil type:
    Mostly all soil types

  • Moisture levels:

  • Location:
    Semi-shade/full sun

  • Height:
    To six metres, depending on pruning

  • Evergreen or deciduous:

  • Pruning:
    Thorough pruning into desired shape. It grows back quickly

  • Fertilizing:
    Feed NPK in the spring to keep it fresh and vital

  • Flower:
    Only the mature plants ’flower’with an unobtrusive flower

  • Flowering period:
    September – October

  • Trivia:
    Plant a Clematis or Lonicera between your Hedera. Their flowers will provide some colour during the summer!

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