With UP Climbers you can easily create a sea of flowers in any garden, or an evergreen wall in winter.

The UP Climbers range consists of stunning, high-quality climbing plants. At UP Climbers, we believe that no garden is complete without climbing plants, which makes sense, because every garden has the space for one. Whether you’re looking to give colour to a bare bush or hide an ugly wall or rain pipe, a climbing plant is the perfect solution and it requires hardly any space! As there are so many different varieties of climbing plants, there is something for every garden, be it rustic or modern. Treat your garden to a sea of flowers, or a wash of green in winter. Vines are back! Vertical gardening is very trendy and urban gardening is getting more attention as well. Big advantage of a climbing plant is that they are applicable in many ways and they hardly use any space. While still quickly grow up to a couple of meters. This gives visual depth in your garden, but also on balcony or patio. There are many different climbing plants.


Flowering climbing plants

There many different vines that will flower like a Clematis, Passion flower, Rose or Honeysuckle. They will brighten up that hideous wall or rain pipe instantly with a sea of flowers. Most of these climbing plants need a little support with climbing. When you don’t do this, they are most likely to creep along your garden, which can be very pretty as well. The best way for supporting your flowering climbing plant is with a fence or trellis. Rope, netting or an obelisk will do as well. Bind up a couple of times a year, lead them in the right direction and the result will be amazing! You can be very creative with vines, so get inspired and find your perfect climbing plant.

Self-adhesive climbing plants

Climbing plants that require low maintenance are the self-adhesive varieties. They will find their way up with self-adhesive climbing roots on the branches like an Ivy (Hedera) does. Most self-adhesive vines such as Parthenocissus (Virginia Creeper), Hedera (Ivy), Campsis (Trumpet Creeper) and Hydrangea Petiolaris (Climbing Hydrangea) grow relatively quick. This makes this group of climbing plants very suitable for quickly growing larger surface areas such as an ugly wall.

Evergreen climbing plants

Very popular nowadays are the fence parts with a trellis build in. Most of the times evergreen vines are used in these trellises. this gives you privacy, also in winter. Nine times out of ten an Ivy is used, but there are more flavours such as an evergreen Honeysuckle (Lonicera) or some Clematis varieties. A firethorn (Pyracantha) is also very suitable. Our advice is to combine some varieties.

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